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“Combining over 15 years of hard work and shared family knowledge”

This is a small-scale family farm that was started in 2007 in Karatina, Nyeri County, Kenya and is managed by Maina Muthuma, and his wife, Angi Yoder-Maina.

The farm specializes in breeding of pedigree Holstein Friesian and Jersey cows. In an effort to breed the best, we artificially inseminate our cows with imported semen from North America ( CRI ) and Netherlands ( CRV )and New Zealand.

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What We Offer

Family Owned & Operated

For over 15 years now, we have worked tirelessly to raise Cows, Chickens and Crops in a humane, environmentally friendly way. 

You can be assured that all our products are of great quality, great for you and your family.

Dairy Cows

Happy grass fed cows that produce naturally


Free range chicken, Geese, and Guinea fowls. 


We breed pedigree Holstein Friesian and Jersey cows.


Our fodder is grown organically on a reclaimed swamp.

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Learn more about our products as well as our Milk Outlet: Imani Yoghurt Cafe.
Check out pictures of our lovely animals. Feel free to comment through our Contact page.
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Medium Kitchen (151 – 250 ft2)

Pet Hair Removing

Up to 5 Additional Rooms Cleaning

1 Refrigerator Cleaning

Post Renovation

$ 80/ Month

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Up to 3 Living Rooms Cleaning

Large Kitchen (>250 ft2)

Pets hair Removing

Up to 5 Additional Rooms Cleaning

2 Refrigerator Cleaning

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