The farm specializes in breeding of pedigree Holstein Friesian and Jerseycows.

The farm specializes in breeding of pedigree Holstein Friesian and Jersey cows. In an effort to breed the best, we artificially inseminate our cows with imported semen from North America ( CRI ) and Netherlands ( CRV )and New Zealand.

All the cows are registered with the Kenya Stud Book; and the milk productions are recorded with the Kenya Livestock Breeders Organisation (KLBO). We are members of the Kenya Holstein Friesian Cattle Society and the Jersey Cattle Society of Kenya.

Our seed Holstien cows were bought from Mweiga Farm and the Jersey cows from Ololua Jersey Karen both of which are  reputable breeding farms in Kenya.

In 2013, the farm signed mating contracts with the KAGRC, to supply them with high quality bulls. To-date our farm has already provided the bull station with four Holstein bulls and two Jersey bulls. .

In addition,in 2019, we signed another mating contract with ADC Livestock Genetic Centre, and have already provided them with our first Bull calf in 2020.

We are pleased to note that dairy farmers can now access high quality semen from our farm through KAGRC and ADC Bull station agents throughout the country.

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