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Our Milk Outlet

ImaniYoghurt Cafe

Imani Yoghurt Cafe has a family history. It is located near the present Karatina market, the same spot where our family used to operate a restaurant that also sold milk on the side in the old days. In keeping with the family tradition, we retained the old countryside design, expanded the seating area with rustic looking furniture, piped soft music, and fitted flat screens to meet the modern taste of the locals. Framed pictures of our Imani cows adorn the walls, to the amusement of our customers. It is the town's milk centre.

Imani Dairy Farm is located 7 Kilometres out of Karatina Town, thus all the milk produced on the farm is delivered to our outlet (Imani Yoghurt Cafe) within 30 minutes after milking. The cafe is equipped with large refrigerators to cool the milk in the shortest time possible

The milk is sold in the form of pasteurized fresh milk, cultured milk, sour milk and yoghurt. Value addition to our products has proved to be a more profitable venture, instead of selling raw milk.
The cafe also bakes bread, cakes and buns

Our dairy products are of high quality and our outlet is inspected and granted approval yearly by the Kenya Dairy Board.

We pride ourselves as one of the high end milk cafe in town that is processing and selling organic whole milk yoghurt with no additives, and no preservatives.

Our farm practices are as organic as possible, thus we manure our farm rather than applying ferterlizers, our cows are fed on most fresh green feeds including grass, instead of silage, in order to avoid incidence of aflotoxins. We pride ourselves in providing high quality and health dairy productd to our customers. 

We also do not use any form of hormones on our cows and the use of antibiotics on the farm is bare minimal as the cows are clean, healthy and happy. All milk from cows administered with antibiotics is always dumped until the withdraw period is completed.

Our products are limited in quantities because it’s all artisinal. However, the products are not available in the supermarkets, but are very popular with our customers in Karatina and Nairobi, including the Waldolf schools, German School ( Teacher), Simple Foods, and the ISK Farmers market to mention a few. We are pleased to introduce the said products to your weekly farmers market.

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Fresh Milk

All the Fresh Milk produced on the farm is sold at Imani Milk Cafe, in Karatina Town as well as HOME DELIVERIES in Nairobi


Our Yoghurt flavors:

Vanilla, Strawberry, Mint, Chocolate, Passion, Mango, Pineapple, and Orange.

Buttermilk, Kefir & Plain Yoghurt

To buy any of our Dairy Products; please see Our Outlet for more information about our products.

Greek & Quark Yoghurt

Greek and Quark Yoghurt produced on the farm is sold in Nairobi. For HOME DELIVERIES in Nairobi check out Our Outlet.

Organic Free Range Eggs

Imani’s Free Range Organic Eggs are of high quality, our Chickens raised with freedom to move about and on a premium diet.

No additives, and No preservatives. Organic whole milk products!

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