Check Out Our Poultry!

At our farm, we rear indigenous chicken mainly for their free-range eggs. Apart from at night when the hens go to their barn, they normally spend their entire day freely roaming on the farm, scratching the ground, spreading the manure, eating grass and the maize meal that drops off from the cow troughs. In addition their food is supplemented with a quality indigenous chicken feed from reputable millers to ensure a balanced diet. We pride ourselves with producing quality indigenous free-range eggs on our farm

Whilst the turkey are mainly reared for the annual Thanksgiving celebrations observed every end of the year, the geese are kept to keep the chicken predators away especially the mongoose and hawks.

Since we strictly observe our organic practices on the farm, the guinea fowls have been very good at keeping ticks away from our cows, thus minimizing the risk of the deadly East Coast Fever disease. They come very handy especially after every new cut of hay that is ferried to the farm because it normally brings about the risk of ticks in the bales of hay. Thus since we cannot spray them, the guinea fowls pick them out very organically.

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